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亚搏彩票app官方|西汉姆VS曼城前瞻:蓝月剑指十连杀 阿圭罗盼终结最长英超进荒

At 19:30 on October 24th, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the 2020-21 Premier League, Manchester City played away against West Ham United. Blue Moon pointed to 3 consecutive victories in all competitions. At the same time, we look forward to completing 10 consecutive kills against the Hammers. Sterling may continue to play the role of West Ham assassin, while Aguero looks forward to ending the seven-game longest personal Premier League goal drought. The midfielders Laporte and De Bruyne are expected to return. .

北京时间10月24日19:30,在2020-21英超联赛第六轮,曼城对阵西汉姆联。蓝月亮(Blue Moon)在所有比赛中均连续3次获胜。同时,我们期待连续10次杀死锤子。斯特林可能会继续扮演西汉姆刺客的角色,而阿圭罗则希望结束七场比亚搏游戏app客服赛最长的个人英超联赛进球干旱。中场拉波特和德布鲁因有望重返。 。

The two teams have had 38 Premier League games before, Manchester City 23 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses, scoring 68 goals and losing 35 goals. The two teams have been unbeaten in their 10 clashes against Manchester City so far on various fronts. The last 9 clashes have been unbeaten, including double play and zero cover in the last two seasons (12 goals and 0 goals). The last loss to West Ham United was 2015- 1-2 at home in the sixth round of the 2016 season. The Premier League has faced West Ham United 19 times away, Manchester City has 8 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses. In the last 4 seasons away from West Ham United, Manchester City has won, scored 17 goals and only lost 1 goal.


West Ham United


Manchester City


West Ham United


Manchester City


Aspect 1: Manchester City hopes to kill the Hammer Gang for 10 consecutive times

看点1:曼城希望连续10次杀死Hammer Gang

It should be said that the gap between the two teams is still relatively obvious. Blue Moon has won a total of 5 guest visits at the London Stadium in all competitions, scoring 22 goals, and only conceded 1 goal. Completing 10 consecutive kills in the campaign will allow West Ham United to tie a team history record, which is to be defeated by the same opponent 10 times in a row. The one who did this before was Arsenal from 2010 to 2015.

应该说两队之间的差距还是比较明显的。在所有比赛中,蓝月亮(Blue Moon)在伦敦体育场(London Stadium)上总共赢得了5位访客访问,打进22球,仅失1球。在战役中连续杀死10人将使西汉姆联队取得球队历史纪录,并连续10次被同一对手击败。此前曾做过这项工作的人是2010年至2015年的阿森纳。

Aspect 2: Sterling breaks West Ham again


In the past 6 times with the team in the Hammers, Sterling directly participated in 11 goals, contributed 6 goals and 5 assists. Last season, he was a guest at the London Stadium and completed a hat trick. In the past two league rounds, Sibao has also knocked on Burnley and Leeds United goals. Can he score the third consecutive game?


Aspect 3: The dual-core midfielder returns to Qinwang?


For Manchester City, the good news is that Laporte and De Bruyne have resumed joint training, and this campaign may be ready to debut. Laporte played only 2 times this season, while De Bruyne played in Manchester City's 3 previous Premier League games (contributing 1 goal and 1 assist), and was injured when he played with the Belgian national team on international match days. If the two can return in this game, it is bound to make Blue Moon's defense and midfield organization more confident.


Aspect 4: Mela Shuai defeats Moyes again?

看点4:Mela Shuai再次击败Moyes?

The two coaches have had 7 encounters before. In addition to the first meeting between Moyes’s Manchester United and Bayern, who drew at home with Guardiola in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, the last 6 encounters with Guardiola’s team (Bayern and Manchester City) win. This time again to ask the old opponent Moyes away, Gua Shuai's goal is naturally victory. Looking back on the coaching history of Gua Shuai, he has never encountered a situation where the points did not reach double digits after the first 5 rounds of the league. And Blue Moon, who scored 7 points in the first 3 games, can only get double figures if he wins this game.


Aspect Five: Aguero ends the longest Premier League goal drought?


In the last round against Arsenal, Aguero made the first 65 minutes of the game and failed to score. He played in the last 7 Premier League matches without any results. The last time he scored a league goal, it has to be dated back to the away game on January 21 this year. Shelby United's goal. This is the second league goal shortage in Aguero's career, second only to the personal record he set in Atletico in 2007 (16 consecutive La Liga games without scoring).


Guardiola (Manchester City coach)


West Ham United (5-4-1)


Manchester City (4-3-3)


No comment, but it must be quiet


Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in single game, two world waves

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在单场比赛中遭遇里程碑,两次世界浪潮

Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents super long elevator ball


Aubameyang World Wave, Su Chao reproduces Messi's rainbow ball

Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

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Value-added telecommunications business license Beijing B2-20181094


网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

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