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亚搏游戏app客服:热内西奥:满意首阶段表现 古特比:跟国安有差距

Netease Sports reported on September 28:


Beijing Zhonghe Guoan beat Shijiazhuang Yongchang 4-0. Guoan coach Genesio said, "I am very satisfied with the overall content of the first stage of the game." Yongchang coach Gutbi said, "The gap between the two teams. The main reason is that the opponent's ability is really strong."


Gut concluded after the game, “Our strategy for this game was clear from the beginning. We used some young players to take turns for the second stage. It’s a good opportunity to play against teams like Guoan. , Actual combat opportunities, to see if they have a good development. Many of our players ushered in the debut of the Super League, success and failure are part of life, failure is the mother of success, which is very good for them Exercise."

比赛结束后,居特总结说:“从一开始,我们的比赛策略就很明确。我们使用了一些年轻球员轮流进入第二阶段。这是与国安队对抗的好机会。 ,实战机会,看他们是否有良好的发展。我们的许多亚搏游戏app客服球员迎来了超级联赛的首次亮相,成功与失败是生活的一部分,失败是成功的源泉,这对他们来说非常有益。

Gutby went on to say, "The main difference between the two teams is that the opponent's ability is really strong. They seized the opportunities they created, but our players created them but failed to seize them. In conclusion, I want to thank you for the first stage. All the fans supported us, but failed to get the result we wanted, but as a newly promoted horse, 17 points are also a good result."


In the first round of the Yongchang relegation match, the opponent was from Dalian. Gutby said, “Two games can determine the life and death of a team, so the investment and temperament of each team will be different. Therefore, no matter who the opponent is, the gap is actually not Not big. My previous coaching experience told me that it’s better not to choose opponents with a purpose, but to summarize yourself and improve your abilities."


"Tomorrow I will return to Shijiazhuang and give the players time to rest. We will concentrate on preparing for the game on October 5th and hope that the players can come back healthy." Gutby said.


After the game, Genesio concluded, "This game is a very important game and we must try our best to win. First of all, we must respect our opponents. Although our ranking has been determined, we still need to do our best. Secondly, to the outside world. It proves that we are a very professional team and we must strive to win any game. We set goals before the game. Today I am very happy that the team has achieved these goals. Our players played very well in the entire game and controlled the game. Finished the game professionally and seriously, which is very good."


In the first round of the Guoan Championships, Genesio said, "We and Luneng are old opponents and we know each other very well. First of all, on the offensive end, we are the top teams in the two divisions, regardless of the number of goals It is still the number of scoring opportunities that we need to keep the team strong on the offensive end. Facing Luneng, we need to improve on the defensive end. Luneng’s offense is also very strong, and we lost some in the first stage. Lost the ball, so defense is what we need to focus on strengthening."


Genesio said to the summary of the first stage, "I am very satisfied with the overall content of the first stage of the game. We adhered to our usual style, scored goals in every game, and the content of the game was also very rich. On the whole, I am very satisfied with the team's performance." At the same time, Genesio also pointed out games that he regretted, such as the draws against Huang Hai, China, and Zall.






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