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Data sometimes lie, but the data can really explain the strength of the team. According to the official data released by the Chinese Super League, Evergrande, Guoan and Shanghai SIPG, the three favorite teams to win the championship, are in the leading position in all offensive statistics, and the three teams are among the top three in terms of ball possession. The reason why Evergrande stands out in the Death Group A is that the tactical system created by Cannavaro makes the defending champion an efficiency-oriented team, which is both powerful and pragmatic, making Evergrande the king of efficiency and the most champions. .

数据有时会撒谎,但数据确实可以说明团队的实力。根据中国超级联赛,恒大,国安和上海SIPG公布的官方数据,三支最喜欢夺冠的球队在所有进攻统计中均处于领先地位,三支球队在前三名中均名列前三。控球。恒大之所以能在A组死亡大赛中脱颖而出,是因为卡纳瓦罗创造的战术体系使卫冕冠军成为一支以效率为导向的团队,既强大又务实,使恒大成为效率之王和最多的冠军。 。

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The core offensive data are all dominant! Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are justified


In terms of ball possession rate, Guoan leads with 61.11% and is also the only team with a ball possession rate of more than 60%. The ultra-high ball possession rate allows Guoan to obtain more offenses while having more possessions. Opportunity, after 14 rounds, becoming the "boss" of the firepower list is logical. Evergrande ranked second with 57.09% possession rate, SIPG ranked third with 55.95% possession rate, and the 3 teams happened to be members of the championship group.


In the previous seasons, R&F, who always ranked in the top 3 in possession rate, used more practical techniques and tactics after Van Bronckhorst replaced Stojkovic this season, instead of the top-heavy control of previous seasons. The ball rate dropped to 51.51%, which is a clear gap with the top three teams in possession. Luneng, Suning Tesco, China Fortune, and Shenzhen Football Team have 5-8 ball possession rates respectively. Except for R&F and Shenzhen Football Team that did not enter the championship group, the remaining 6 teams are all members of the championship group.


In the number of passes, Guoan also ranked first with 7,946, and the average number of passes per game reached 568; Evergrande ranked second with 7,307, and Guoan and Evergrande were also the only two balls with more than 7,000 passes. team. R&F (6677 times), Luneng (6559 times), SIPG (6295 times), Dalianren (5926 times), China Fortune Land Development (5795 times), Suning Tesco (5636 times) ranked 3rd-8th, except for R&F Except for the Dalian people, the remaining 6 teams all entered the championship group.


In terms of pass success rate, Guoan once again ranked first with 86.94%, Evergrande (85.36%) ranked 3rd, SIPG (83.86%) ranked 5th; in terms of number of shots, Chongqing unexpectedly ranked first with 210 times. Hong Kong (207 times) and Suning.com (199 times) ranked among the top three, Guoan ranked 4th with 193 times, and Evergrande only dropped to 6th with 186 times. However, in terms of the number of shots, Guoan ranked first on 81 times. Hong Kong ranked second in 76 times, Evergrande ranked third in 70 times, Suning Tesco (67 times), Dalianren (65 times), Chongqing (61 times), China (60 times), Luneng (57 times) among the top 8. Except for Dalian, the other 7 teams have entered the championship group.


In terms of forward passes, Evergrande ranked first with 2299 times, Guoan ranked second with 2261 times, Luneng (2129 times) ranked third, and Shanghai SIPG (1957) ranked fifth. It is not difficult to see from the core data of these offenses that Guoan, Evergrande and SIPG have combined to lead other teams by a large margin, and the three teams are considered to be the top three in the championship. These data can support them.


Evergrande is better than efficiency! Beijing and Shanghai are willing to bow down


In the overall standings of Group A and Group B, Evergrande ranked first with 34 points, SIPG ranked second with 32 points, and Guoan ranked third with 28 points. However, compared with SIPG and Guoan, Evergrande’s Group A has a stronger overall strength, and there are more hard bones in the same group. Compared with the 2013 season at its peak, Evergrande does not have the strength to press the opponents to attack. Navarro is more pragmatic. In many games, he used defensive counterattack techniques and tactics, and put himself in the role of a weak team. But the reason why a strong team is a strong team, in addition to being able to break through the barrels, the defensive counterattack is also more handy.


In terms of running data, the Dalian native with the youngest average playing age ranked first with 1.614 million meters, Luneng (1.539 million meters), Shenzuo (1.524 million meters), and R&F (1.51 million meters). Among the top 4 teams, there is no Evergrande, The shadow of SIPG and Guoan. Among the top three, Evergrande’s total running distance was only 1.508 million meters ranked fifth, Guoan and Shanghai SIPG ranked fourth and second from the bottom with 1.448 million meters and 1.435 million meters respectively, but active running is The "special project" of the middle and lower teams is used to make up for the lack of strength. The so-called diligence can make up for the weakness.


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In high-intensity running, Evergrande’s “reversal” ranked first with 79,800 meters, Luneng continued to rank second, Shenzhen Football Club and Dalian People ranked third and fourth, Suning Tesco (70,500 meters) ranked fifth, Guoan (66,500 meters) ranked 8th, SIPG (65,500 meters) "rise" to 11th. Strong teams have a higher percentage of high-intensity runs, and the result is better performance. Strong teams will "kick" and mid- and lower-level teams have too much "useless work."

在高强度跑步中,恒大的“逆转”以79,800米排名第一,鲁能继续排名第二,深圳足球俱乐部和大连人民排名第三和第四,苏宁易购(70,500米)排名第五,国安(66,500米)排名第八, SIPG(65,500米)“上升”至第11位。强大的团队进行高强度跑步的比例更高,结果是更好的性能。强大的团队会“踢”,而中低级别的团队会进行过多的“无用的工作”。

In terms of foreign aid playing time, Suning.com, Dalian Ren and China Fortune are ranked in the top 3, Shenzhen Football Club and Yongchang ranked 4th and 5th, SIPG ranked 6th with 4639 minutes, Luneng ranked 7th with 4431 minutes, Heng Major foreign players played only 3,952 minutes, of which Paulinho started for 14 consecutive rounds, and Talisca was injured and stopped. Guoan ranked 9th with a difference of 1 minute.


With only forward passing and high-intensity running data ranked first, Evergrande has become the team with the highest points, and it is a group A with relatively more strong teams, which can get such results. It also proves that Evergrande is the most efficient team. Guoan basically ranks among the top in all data, but apart from the most goals, it has never achieved any results; SIPG has not won any 1st in the core data, and has the lowest efficiency in the top 3 championships. .

恒大仅以向前传递和高强度的跑步数据排在第一位,已成为得分最高的团队,这是一支实力相对较强的A组,可以得到这样的结果。这也证明了恒大是最高效的团队。国安在所有数据中基本上都名列前茅,但除了最高目标外,它从未取得任何成果。 SIPG在核心数据中没有赢得任何第一名,并且在前三名的锦标赛中效率最低。 。

The strong team has more than one thigh, and only with dual cores can they win the championship


Top 10 scorers (including tie 10th, a total of 14 players), Evergrande (Paulinho 9 goals, Wei Shihao 6 goals), Suning Tesco (Edel 8 goals, Teixeira 7 goals), Chongqing (Kader Kr and Adrian each have 6 goals), both players are on the list. The remaining 8 positions were played by Bacambu (11 goals, Guoan), Malkang (11 goals, China), Longdong (9 goals, Dalian people), Mali (8 goals, deep football), Anautovic ( 7 goals, SIPG), Alexandrini (7 goals, Yellow Sea), Pellet (6 goals, Luneng), Dorado (6 goals, Jianye) occupy.

前10名得分手(包括并列第10名,共有14名球员),恒大(保利尼奥9球,魏世浩6球),苏宁易购(埃德尔8球,特谢拉7球),重庆(卡德and和阿德里安各6球) ,这两个玩家都在名单上。剩下的8个位置分别是Bacambu(国安11球),Mangang(中国11球),Longdong(大连人9球),Mali(8球,深足球),Anautovic(7球,SIPG),Alexandrina (黄海7球),佩莱特(鲁能6球),多拉多(6球,建业)占据。

In assists, SIPG’s Oscar led the way with 8 goals, Yongchang’s Matthews (5 times) ranked second, Bacambu 5 times, Augusto 4 times, and Guoan contributed 2 players in the top 10 assists list. , This does not include the booster of Guoan's Vieira (including Zhang Yuning and Zhang Xizhe both assisted 3 times). China’s upset entering the championship group, including Toure, Ding Haifeng and Wang Qiuming, contributed 4 assists. Evergrande’s Yang Liyu has been loaned to R&F’s Adrian, and Dalian’s Long Dong also contributed. 4 assists.

在助攻方面,SIPG的奥斯卡以8个进球领先,永昌的Matthews(5次)排名第二,Bacambu 5次,Augusto 4次,​​国安队在10次助攻榜上贡献了2名球员。 ,这还不包括国安的比埃拉的助推器(包括张裕宁和张希哲都曾助攻过3次)。图雷,丁海峰和王秋明等进入总冠军的中国人都很沮丧,他贡献了4次助攻。恒大的杨立宇被借给了富力的阿德里安,大连的龙东也出了钱。 4次助攻。

Judging from the statistics of goals and assists, the teams entering the championship group are all walking with "multiple legs". In addition to Paulinho, Evergrande’s offensive end also includes Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu. Even if Taliska is in poor condition, Fei Nando also performed well after his debut. Guoan’s offensive end is more blooming, Bakambu’s data is the best, midfielder dual-core Augusto and Vieira also contributed. In addition to Anautovic and Oscar in SIPG, Hulk and Lopez can be used as a play "support", the top three in the double list is the team with the most players, which proves that these are the three teams with the strongest overall strength.

从进球和助攻的统计数据来看,进入冠军组的队伍都是“多腿”行走。除保利尼奥外,恒大的进攻端还包括魏世豪和杨立宇。即使塔里斯卡(Taliska)处境不佳,费南多(Fei Nando)出道后的表现也不错。国安的进攻端更加开花,巴卡姆布的数据是最好的,中场双核心奥古斯托和维埃拉也做出了贡献。除了SIPG的Anautovic和Oscar之外,Hulk和Lopez都可以作为比赛的“辅助”,双榜前三名是球员最多的球队,这证明这是整体实力最强的三支球队。

Dalian, Huanghai, Shenzhen Foot, Jianye, and Yongchang who only walk on "one leg" all fall into the relegation group without exception, and it is relatively easy for opponents to guard against them. As long as the core players are locked, the whole team will "operate". Was paralyzed.


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